Affordable Housing


150 & 152 E. 23rd Street


CCIP rehabilitates abandoned and vacant properties to stabilize neighborhoods and increase community development.  The homes are offered for sale to low- and moderate-income first-time home buyers.



Housing Acquisition & Rehabilitation:

Since 1983, CCIP has acquired 101 vacant homes and renovated 94 vacant homes in targeted neighborhoods in the City of Chester for lease, purchase, or sale to low- and moderate-income families. Of the 94 families that purchased a home, 59 were lease purchasers and 3 had been residents of the Chester Housing Authority.

Central Avenue Townhomes:

In 2000, CCIP embarked on its first new housing development project: Central Avenue Townhomes.  We constructed 16 single-family townhomes on a parcel of land that had been vacant for 30 years on the west side of Chester.  In 2002, all 16 homes were sold to low and moderate income first-time home buyers.  The project was a collaboration between CCIP and state, local, and private stakeholders. CCIP’s Central Avenue Townhomes Project was presented the first award from the Chester Partners in Homeownership Organization and the “2001 Best Practice Award” for outstanding work in increasing affordable home ownership opportunities in the city of Chester. 



Chester Youth Build:

Through our former partnership with Chester Youth Build, 224 disadvantaged young adults ages 16-21 in the city of Chester received construction skills training. Since 1993, Youth Build students have assisted CCIP with the renovations of 88 vacant homes in the city.